What is The Azure Group (TAG)?

tagiflogovertThe Azure Group is an informal get-together of IT professionals (and those who want to be professional) that is held monthly in the downtown Toronto area.

We meet to discuss issues, new technologies and experiences with the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portions of the services available through Microsoft Azure.

Topics vary wildly but are meant to encourage the sharing of information and experiences.

If this website and group appear substantially similar to the Toronto Area Security Klatch (TASK), that is no co-incidence as it shares one of the same co-founders and hopes to emulate the same success and rigor.

Membership in TAG is free, and we encourage full and active participation. If you have a suggestion on how to improve a meeting or the website, we invite you to share it. In addition, we are always looking for individuals willing to take an active role on the Steering Committee and operation of the group.

To find out about our next and upcoming meetings, check out our upcoming events page regularly.

Steering Committee

  • Dmitry Bogopolskiy

  • Brian Bourne

  • Ezekiel Calabia

  • David Christensen

  • John Czernuszka

  • Jose Fehse

  • Matt Garrett